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Buy hip hop instrumentals from and get professional music production for your next project. is the #1 source for hip hop instrumentals. If you need custom made instrumentals, please contact us. The instrumental can make or break a song. A song will not sound good if the instrumental doesn’t match the message and the emotion of the lyrics. You can’t make a song without the instrumental. Listeners want to hear something they can vibe to, something that has a rhythm . You may be the best rapper ever, but nobody listens to music without instrumentals in their car, at a club or on the radio. This is what instrumentals are for. Contacting Producers to buy hip hop instrumentals is a good thing to do. It can get you ready for investing in other things (promotion, music videos etc.). So, buying your hip hop beats eliminates some of the work you’ll need to do. If you want to be succesful in this business you will have to invest in these things, and getting beats to rap to seems to be the first step. Why would you invest in promotion if you don’t have a product (the music) to promote. Download beats and record your music now. You’ll never get to the level you want to be, if you have a mindset where you think everything’s supposed to be free. It takes some money to make more money. If you’re not willing to invest in your business, you might not get far. Hip Hop producers offer “a service” just as photographers, directors and studios do. So what you are buying when you are buying hip hop beats is really a service.

At you can download beats from a large catalog of Hip Hop, West Coast, G-Funk, East Coast, Dirty South and Club Beats and Rap Instrumentals.

If you need beats to rap to, just browse our beats from the beat store above. You might find just the type of beat you want. If you want us to make a beat just for you, please contact us. Finding rap instrumentals that you can use for your album, mixtape, songs is hard, so you need to look and listen carefully. In our era, people can’t live without music, it is an important aspect of everyday life, and for some people it’s a defining element. For that song they like, people are willing to spend time, money and energy. For some people, music is a very important element of their well-being. Hip Hop music, even though it has been around for only 40 years, it has managed to become one of the most important and influential music genres. In the beginning, MC’s would rhyme to a break beat looped by the DJ using two turntables. With the passage of time, the hip hop beat has evolved from looped break beats to more complex production methods like sampling, using live instruments etc. Sampling itself has become an artform. It takes some skill to rearrange the sample into something new, mix samples together.
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The lyrics are the focal point of a hip hop song, but without an instrumental, you can’t have a song that people would listen and dance to. A skilled MC can write lyrics about anything at any time. While initially it was party music, hip hop music has begun to adopt a socially and politically aware message. Even though party hip hop music still exists, there is a large segment of hip hop music that deals with political and social messages. What we see now as a worldwide phenomenon, was initially restricted to the block parties in New York. Once it become known worldwide, hip hop music began interacting with different musical genres and styles, leading to a large diversity of hip hop music and different styles of rap instrumentals. Technology allowed greater flexibility for the aspiring rap artist, and gave them a way to create new styles of music. The rise of the internet age also gave them a way to show their music to the world. Music has permanently changed after the rise of Hip Hop music.
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People these days talk about how the internet is destroying the music industry, even though it’s easier than ever to make music and promote it online. While illegal downloading is a problem in the recording industry, it’s not as bad as some people would like you to think. Hip Hop music is not dying even though there have been some major changes in the hip hop industry. The internet is bad for business for the major record labels, because apart from losing money due to illegal downloading, they can no longer control the industry and the artists. Nowadays, you can make an entire album and promote it without any record label using only the internet. The major record labels have been unable to adapt to the changes in technology, the shift from CDs to digital formats like MP3, the changes in promotion due to the rise of the internet, and as you know, if they can’t adapt they die. And that’s why they are so desperate to retain their control over the industry and try to resist the changes. The internet has given way for a much easier means of promotion. Because of this the labels are losing money and control over the artists, and this is also what lead to the decline of music quality. The major record labels are only going to put out commercial music, music that they know will easily sell, so that’s why hip hop music is dumbing down. Statistics show that independent record labels and artists account for 34.4% of the total music sales in 2013, so far. The independent record labels and artists have more sales than any of the major record labels. Considering that 20 years ago, it was almost impossible to make and promote music outside of the major record labels, this seems to be the best time for independent artists. The internet is the best thing that happened for independent artists. Also, due to the emergence of legal alternatives such as music streaming services and online music stores, illegal music downloading is on the decline. Major labels are moving less units, but that has more to do with the quality of the music they put out rather than internet piracy. If you’re a rap artist, you should know that you can purchase instrumentals on the internet for much lower prices, so even making songs is much more affordable that it was 20 years ago. Earning money by selling beats was something very hard to do before the internet, since you needed the right connections within record labels, and to know the right artists, but now since there is a new medium of distribution, the internet, everyone can listen to your beats without even leaving their house. As you know you can now use social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for promotion, so you can establish a brand even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Now you can get your songs on major online music stores like iTunes, and because there is no physical distribution involved, the costs are much lower than they were 20 years ago.

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