Beat Store

Discounts (leases only):
Buy 2 beats, get 4 more free.
Buy 3 beats, get 6 more free.
Buy 4 beats, get 8 more free.
Buy 5 beats, get 10 more free.

Click on “Options” if you want to see beats belonging to a specific genre in the beat player below.

If you want to lease a beat, please use the Beat Store below. You will receive the beats without tags after you buy. The beats in the beat store below are available only as LEASES.

If you want an instrumental made just for you (a custom made exclusive instrumental), please contact us. For custom made beats we charge $75 per instrumental.

Discounts are applied automatically in the beat store below. Just select the total number of instrumentals you wish to buy (e.g. if you want to buy 2 and get 4 free, select 6 beats to apply that discount)



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